Front Office Information

Front Office Information
ON KIMBALL DRIVE, where the small, green sign, ''6712,'' between our building and the Park & Ride, ushers you into our private parking lot, the scene is set, with the outdoor park-like area leading you directly to the door of our Office Suite 103.

We want our waiting area to be as appealing and comfortable as possible for your short wait to see your personal therapist. If you don`t wish to talk with anyone before seeing your therapist, have something to drink, choose a sweet treat, take a seat, look at the paper or a magazine, or just close your eyes to wait to be invited in for your session.

Your counselor should be with you within a few minutes of your appointment time. A phone is available to you at our coffee counter, should you need to make a local call. Dial 9 first for a dial tone.

Counseling can be a big step for many people, and the unknown of simply entering our offices can be disconcerting. We welcome you to stop by at any time to ''scout us out,'' no personal questions asked.

Were glad you`re on your way!
Front Office Information





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The Shepherd's Center for Psychological Services

The Shepherd's Center for Psychological Services
6712 Kimball Dr., #103 - Gig Harbor WA



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